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The Mediterranean Diet – Study Concludes It Could Protect the Brain

June 05, 2018

The Mediterranean Diet – Study Concludes It Could Protect the Brain

We have learned a lot about the brain in recent years as medical science has continued to make remarkable progress with that area of the body.  Despite all of this progress, the brain remains a mystery.  That’s not really a surprise given all of the intricacies that are involved with it.  One of the things that we’ve learned is that there are many different ways to help protect the brain and to give it a chance to survive for longer while continuing to function at a high level. 

One of the ways that this can be accomplished, according to the conclusions reached in a recent study, is by way of a proper diet.  Specifically, a study that was recently released concluded that a Mediterranean diet could help a person’s brain remain more youthful for a longer period of time.  The study, entitled, “Mediterranean Diet and Mild Cognitive Impairment,” was released has generated quite a lot of buzz.  A link to the study can be found here

About the Study

The study’s data were generated by surveys that were taken by nearly 700 people of older age in the United States.  These surveys focused on their diets.  In addition, the subjects underwent MRI scans so that the researchers could analyze their brains and look for signs of aging, otherwise known as mild cognitive impairment.  The researchers identified the following information:

  1. People whose eating habits mirrored a Mediterranean diet had larger brain volume than those who did not.
  2. People who followed a Mediterranean diet also had more gray and white matter on their brains as compared to those who did not eat in this manner.
  3. People who ate more fish and less meat tended to have more total gray matter.
  4. Simply eating less meat, regardless of its substitute, led to larger total brain volume.
  5. Overall, those who followed a Mediterranean diet saw their brains age by approximately five years less than those who did not.

While these results may be tied to factors other than diet, this information has led to widespread reaction in the scientific community.

About the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is one that, as should come as no surprise, traces its roots to that region of the world.  People who live there tend to eat more seafood than meat.  They also tend to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts.  Olive oil is much more prevalent than butter and more natural herbs are used to spice food instead of salt.  People who follow this diet tend to have lower cholesterol levels on average.

The Mediterranean Diet and Family Health Market

Family Health Market is obviously interested in promoting diets for people that are as smart and healthy as possible.  You’ll find that many of our snacks incorporate different types of nuts that could be used as part of an overall Mediterranean diet approach.  If you’d like to learn more about our offerings, take a look at our snacks today or speak with one of our knowledgeable staff about your specific dietary needs.

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