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CUR's Hydroxide Rich Alkaline Water Concentrate 32 oz.


CUR's Hydroxide Rich Alkaline Water Concentrate 

CUR (Concentrated Ultimate Recovery) is a hydroxide rich alkaline water concentrate that will turn ANY water into an acid eliminator. Hydroxide rich water is the only water that ELIMINATES acid by binding itself to excess Hydrogen in your body and creating additional H2O molecules. Other Alkaline waters just BUFFER acidity mainly through the addition of alkaline minerals or electrolytes.

What's in the bottle...

  • Each bottle contains 32 oz. of hydroxide rich alkaline water concentrate (typically a 1-month supply)
  • Each ounce of CUR makes 32 oz. (1 liter) of ready to drink hydroxide rich alkaline water
  • Recommended serving is at least 32 oz. of diluted hydroxide rich alkaline water per day

For an extensive list of FAQs for CUR, how it works, and the benefits click here.

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