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Designs for Health Libidostim Male Herbal Supplement

LibidoStim-M features the herb Tongkat ali (Eurycoma longifolia), which boasts a variety of published clinical trials touting its effectiveness. This ingredient helps maintain normal testosterone levels which are important for supporting sexual desire and fertility (sperm concentration/motility), as well as mood and energy.

The combination of Tongkat ali with DIM, and additional botanicals in LibidoStim-M provides safe support for normal testosterone production, erectile function, and desire.

DESIGNS FOR HEALTH: Since 1989, Designs for Health has been the health care professional's trusted source for research-backed nutritional products of superior quality. It means superior quality products and proven efficacy which means optimal results for you and your health.

SUPPORT VITALITY - Ingredients in this formula support the occasional management of low vitality.

FEATURES TONGKAT ALI - The herb Tongkat Ali boasts a variety of published clinical trials. It may help maintain enthusiastic moods and already healthy energy levels.

NATURAL AND SAFE - Tribulus has long been used in traditional Chinese and Indian practices to support male vitality.

HIGHER STANDARDS. BETTER RESULTS - Designs for Health maintains a strict, no-compromises approach to quality raw material selection.

This product is Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and Vegetarian-friendly.