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NuNaturals Pure Liquid 2 oz. Stevia All-Natural Sweetener


Size: 2 OZ.

CLEAR LIQUID STEVIA - When you need a super concentrated, super sweet sugar substitute, the answer is clearly, Pure Liquid Clear Stevia. Perfect for your beverages, foods, baking and any recipe that calls for stevia.

IDEAL DIETARY SUPPLEMENT WEIGHT LOSS - This delicious stevia extract lets you sweeten with just a few drops and absolutely no calories, making it a great choice for sugar-free, carbohydrate-free or other active lifestyle dietary supplement needs.

NO EXTRA ADDITIVES - Pure Liquid Clear Stevia contains just what you need, and nothing else. Contains no sugar, saccharin, aspartame, sucralose, synthetics, artificial colors or flavors. Vegan, Gluten Free and GMO free.