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Source Naturals Echinacea Wellness Herbal Resistance Liquid 4 oz.

Wellness Herbal Resistance™ Liquid

  • Designed to support your immune system
  • Features the prime winter herbs Echinacea and goldenseal
  • Yin Chiao Chinese herbal complex
  • Soothes sensitive mucous membranes
  • Alcohol free
Wellness Herbal Resistance™ Liquid contains a powerful combination of herbs designed to help support your immune system. Echinacea and coptis promote well-being while Yin Chiao, a valued Chinese herbal complex, helps our bodies maintain a sense of balance.

Supporting Herbs

Wellness Herbal Resistance™ Liquid includes other traditional botanicals. Elderberry has been honored for centuries in folk tradition because of its numerous health benefits. It is a rich source of nutrients, especially bio-flavonoids and anthocyanins. The phytonutrients in elderberry positively influence cell function and protection in the human body, and support the immune system. Isatis contains glycosides that help support the body’s innate defenses; it is valued by herbalists as a complement to the benefits of echinacea and goldenseal. Also part of the formula are the traditional Native American botanicals boneset and horehound; warming ginger; the renowned adaptogen Siberian ginseng; and bayberry.

Suggested Use: 1/2 teaspoon three times daily (1/2 teaspoon is approximately 45 drops).

Allergies: Suitable for vegetarians. Contains no yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, corn or wheat. Contains no starch, salt, preservatives, or artificial color, flavor or fragrance.


-  What is Wellness Herbal Resistance™? 
Wellness Herbal Resistance is a winter wellness favorite, offering support from three time-honored herbal traditions: Traditional Chinese, Native American, and European.


-  What are the benefits of this product? 
Herbal Resistance offers comprehensive winter herbal support for optimal immune health.


-  What makes this product work so well? 
Wellness Herbal Resistance Liquid combines the best time-tested herbs from three herbal traditions. The formula contains Yin Chiao, a time-honored, Chinese herbal formula used to help the body maintain a sense of balance during the changing seasons. From the native American tradition, the formula includes echinacea. Most research on echinacea has focused on its ability to support immune function, and specifically, to enhance the activity of macrophages—white blood cells that engulf and digest foreign particles in our bodies. Macrophage activity is an integral part of the immune response. Echinacea has been shown in laboratory studies to support macrophage activity. Elderberry, from the European tradition, influences cell function and supports the immune system. The black elder tree of Europe (Sambucus nigra) has been a source of health for centuries. The berry of the tree is especially appreciated for its ability to support a healthy immune system naturally. Elderberry is a great source of nutrients, especially bioflavonoids and anthocyanins, which provide antioxidant protection from free radicals. Taken alone or with complementary herbs, elderberry strengthens the body’s natural defenses.


-  What other benefits does Wellness Herbal Resistance provide? 
The liquid form makes it convenient for mixing in your favorite drink or it’s easy to swallow a half-teaspoon full. This formula is also a terrific immune support option for vegetarians.

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